I Like My Sugar with Coffee and Cream

I Like My Sugar with Coffee and Cream

Creamy Coffee

Growing up in Ohio, my grandmother told me to never let myself get addicted to coffee. She had a caffeine habit herself that once caused her to stop a stranger at a rest stop on a road trip and beg for a pour from his thermos. So while I listened to my friends get into things like double espressos and half-cafs and venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiatos with sugar-free syrup, an extra shot, light ice, and no whip, I avoided coffee altogether.

Besides, coffee tasted gross. Until I began working in an office building that had a Starbucks on the first floor, and my co-workers somehow introduced me to unsweetened decaf iced coffee full of sweetener and heavy cream. When I found that coffee could taste like melted ice cream if you completely altered it to the point that it no longer resembled coffee in any way, I was on board. I’ve been a coffee-drinker ever since, and although I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted, I truly look forward to sitting down with a cup of iced (always iced) brew full of sugar and cream.

I was at the Persian restaurant down the street from my apartment recently, though, sharing cups with my boyfriend and our friend Kim, and when the waiter came around to refill our coffee, he looked at the liquid remaining in my cup and asked, “What is that?” My coffee apparently really doesn’t resemble coffee.

How do you take yours?

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  • Ash

    Nice online digs!

    I change up my coffee orders a lot. I’ll get hot/iced americanos when I’m trying to be healthy, then usually a week later it’s creme brulee lattes and java chip frappuccinos again. I even get grean tea lattes/frappuccinos when I’m in the mood.

  • Dishy

    I don’t drink coffee, silly! Yeech! 😉

  • Dishy

    This one is just to subscribe to new posts. Bc I’m slow like that.

  • Lisa // Elembee

    I’m with you. I only drink coffee if it tastes like dessert. And I maaaaay ask for extra caramel in my caramel frappuccinos.

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