Month: August 2016

2016-08-31 16:34:28

This pregnant statue by Prague resident David Černý is called “In Utero” and makes me uncomfortable. Not only because it’s in such stark opposition to the beautiful old things surrounding it but because we kept seeing people stoop underneath it to, you know, look up into its nether regions. Finally on our way to breakfast one morning, our friend @theamenbreak couldn’t take it anymore and had to go take a look for himself. What he found was a hollow box he could fit his head into. We also saw “K on Sun”, Černý’s 39-ton rotating bust of Franz Kafka, and his sculpture “Piss” outside the Franz Kafka museum, where naked man sculptures standing in a fountain will spell your message out in “pee” if you text it to the right number. Art!

2016-08-30 15:20:23

Our first Prague breakfast was at Cafe Ebel, THE cutest little coffee shop with sidewalk seating, peeling paint, and drawings on the wall to show you the coffee-to-milk ratios of your favorite drinks. This is where we drank chocolate-laced coffee and I learned that arugula is called “rocket” in Europe.

2016-08-30 09:45:24

After a night of exploring, my friends and I tried to go to the rooftop of the Hotel U Prince, which supposedly has amazing views of the Astronomical Clock, but there wasn’t room for us. So instead, we went down to the basement to a Prohibition-style bar called @BlackAngelsBar. It was suuuuuuuper pretty and had NYC cocktail prices to make us feel right at home! They also yelled at me for taking this picture to help remind me of good, ol’ New York. Thanks for the hospitality, Prague! For real, though, everywhere else had really wonderful, friendly service, and it was amazing how everyone spoke perfect English. Especially the people who would start a conversation by warning you they only spoke a “little” English.