My Writing Process: Ettible Edition

My Writing Process: Ettible Edition

Up Waiting, NYC

My friend Katie Qué of asked me to follow up her post in the “My Writing Process” blog tour because once upon a time, I did do some writing. My college degree is in English, and my focus was in creative nonfiction with the intent to write about . . . I don’t know what. I lived in Ohio at the time and never had any expectation of leaving. I guess I just thought things worth writing about would happen to me. So, without further ado:

1) What are you working on right now?

My photography. But the last thing I wrote was the slow, wonderful/painful development of the relationship between Jack and me, in which we started as co-workers eight years ago, became friends, became roommates, became closer friends, and then became irresistible to each other. I stopped writing it when we started dating, but I’d like to pick it back up again. I remember that when I was in college, I was writing about things that were happening to me in the moment, and my thesis advisor told me that I needed to wait and write about things in retrospect to have a clear vision of them. He was right–when I first started dating Jack, I thought our dating relationship was somehow less real, less serious, because it’d started as a friendship. I have no idea what I was thinking. But it’s hilarious in hindsight, and I’d like to write about it.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure that it does, except that I have all of the feelings of a teenager with fresh hormones and all of the nostalgia of a world-weary grandmother. Is that novel, or is that just most women in general? I also hear from people that my voice is my own. People who read me and then meet me say I’m just what they expected, and people who know me and then read me say that they can hear the things I write in my voice. Maybe they’re just being nice, but I love the idea of being authentic.

3) Why do you write what you do?

I have a bad memory, and I like to remember. The minutiae of my own past life is fascinating to me. Reading about my early days in NYC from my old LiveJournal, when I used to have no money and a trip to the Whole Foods hot bar for dinner was the highlight of my life? So rewarding. In my life, personal relationships and having love are the very most important things, so they’re the things I want to remember most.

4) How does your writing process work?

I’m very much a “first thought, best thought” writer. What comes out of me when I’m feeling inspired to write usually doesn’t need a rewrite later. (In my own opinion. An editor would probably tear me to shreds.) So I like to wait until I’m ready and then get down to BIZNESS. I mostly get inspired at 3 a.m., which makes working when I want to pretty difficult. And explains why I got so much of my Jack writing done while I was unemployed, in bed, on my phone, tapping my thoughts into Evernote while he innocently slept in his bed across the apartment.


I’ve asked three of my favorite bloggers to take the baton from me, mostly because they’re actual writers who’ll have real answers to these questions.

Kelly, a.k.a. Mrs. Bachelor Girl, has been one of my longest-running blogfriends. She makes her living writing and photographing, so I basically want her life. Her blog is about to blow up, because she just acquired the best dog to post pictures of all day.

Lisa, a.k.a. Elembee, started out blogging about lipstick and sandals, moved on to color palettes and touring the country, and eventually became known for sharing her WordPress expertise. She recently wrote a book on using WordPress with your business, and I’m pumped to hear about how she did it.

Erin, a.k.a. Musings of a Madwoman, became someone I looked forward to reading almost immediately when I found her blog through another friend. No surprise, she published her first book a short while later, and then an even shorter while later, it started blowing up Amazon. I’m patiently waiting for the next installment.

Look for their writing process posts soon!

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  • Kelly

    Oh, man, I sure hope I can do justice to this blog tour, because I don’t think everyone wants to hear tips like, “Well, I just naturally vomit words all day, so.”

    I probably should’ve majored in something even remotely related to what I do for a living. I feel like I’d have more intelligent things to say if I had.

    1. Ettible Photography

      Your vomit is so colorful and tasty, though! I about died when you wrote something like “stab me on the reg” in your last blog post, for absolutely no reason. Sometimes your stuff hits me just right, though.

  • Katie Qué (@imyourkatieque)

    i love love love that picture. can i have it?

    1. Ettible Photography

      Hey, thanks! It’s actually up in my print store, if you have a couple of babysitting dollars to spend:

  • Noel

    Hey! Somehow it slipped my mind that you focused on CNF in college. I’m taking my first class in it this summer and I was soooo excited…only to now find out that it’s way harder than I thought. My memory is horrible. I can’t write accurate dialogue which suits my level of comfort. I’m questioning every bit of non-fiction I’ve ever read. Basically, the class is ruining me.

    1. Ettible Photography

      I think the hard part about CNF is not making it boring. I always tried to write about a single event versus a general idea, because there were so many “this is why I like doing hot yoga” papers in my CNF workshops that left us all yawning. Dialogue is a major issue for me, too, so I didn’t use much of it, and I think you can totally excuse a bad memory with discussing why the event didn’t stick with you or, even better, talking about how you imagined it happening or how you wish it happened. You’re a great writer! Make your own rules!

  • Jessica R

    I’m happy to see this post! I love your writing and miss your old blog sometimes. Please please keep it up!

    1. Ettible Photography

      Ha, glad you said so, because the next post I’m writing is about MAKEUP. I guess we knew I couldn’t stick to just photography for long.

  • Erin

    That was a very generous description of my book’s “success.” Hahahahah….. I was interested in reading about your writing process because I love your writing, particularly the Jack love saga. Going to write my post now, barring interruption from THAT BABY.

    1. Ettible Photography

      THAT BABY will understand if you need to take two hours a day for yourself for napping, showering, noveling, and blogging. Just put him out to play in the backyard. The cats will watch him.

      Book #2! Book #2!

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