One Year of Bliss + A New Arrival

One Year of Bliss + A New Arrival

My roommate/landlord/former co-worker/friend/boyfriend Jack and I celebrated our one-year dating anniversary on October 24th! It partly feels like we’ve been together forever, and I partly have these freak-out moments where I’m like, “OMG, why am I kissing my good friend Jack?!” It partly feels like we wasted so much time just being friends, and it partly feels like those seven years we spent just hanging out and getting to know each other made now possible. It partly feels so normal to go on two-week vacations across the world with him, because we’ve been going on vacations as friends since 2010, and it partly feels so amazing going on vacations with him as my boyfriend.

Here we are, ridiculously posing in a field of flowers in Tokyo.

And here’s what he bought me for our anniversary!

Jack calls this “the fam”

It’s the big Nikon D810 on the right, my very first full-frame camera! Customers of Ettible Photography will appreciate the BIG, KICKIN’ 36-MEGAPIXEL PHOTOS I’m going to deliver to them. Lovers of watching me struggle under the weight of my equipment will appreciate that it’s a full pound heavier than my previous camera, that sweet Nikon D5100 in the middle. I’ve already taken it out on a couple of photoshoots and am wildly impressed with how easy it is to use, how totally responsive it is, and how nicely it fits in even my teeny-tiny hands. I thought my D5100 was the greatest, but this thing is lightning fast and super reliable. It’s sometimes a little hit or miss with my D5100–I’ll press the button, and nothing will happen because it’s not focused properly or whatever–but this D810 just always gets the shot.

And the cutest part is that Jack has the awesome mirrorless Samsung NX300 on the left and has been coming along as my second shooter and equipment boy. Meaning that when I do wedding shoots, I have someone to take pictures of the guys awkwardly trying to figure out how to pin on their lapel flowers while I’m photographing five bridesmaids trying to lift their friend’s big white dress a few feet over the toilet so she can get some relief.

It seems like things just keep going righter.

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